Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Packing Lunches


I packed a lunch for Chris today. We sent him off to Jr. Civic Theatre Preschool Day Camp, Fairy Tale Players. It was strange. I know it's something I'll be doing a lot of, packing lunches for him, but this was my first time. I've sent him to eat with others, but not packed him a lunch. I don't know it just got me thinking, how soon it's going to be when he's in school, and I'll be So Tired of packing his lunches, or making him pack his own.

He grows so fast.

Packing a lunch for him, peanut butter sandwich, with no jelly, just like he likes it. When he got home from class. He remembered the sandwich. He remembered that I forgot to pack the spoon; actually he remembered there were peaches, that he couldn't eat because there was no spoon. He remembered the note, he said it was His Paper, it had his name on it. Just hope he remembers it said I LOVE YOU CHRIS.