Friday, July 16, 2010

A Museumy Kind of Day


Am I crazy? We're all exhausted from VBS, but when we learned that our friend Tina and her son Evan were visiting and wanted to hit the Children's Museum, First Thing, how could we not?! She's cutely preggers, with another Sweetboy! And you know how much we love us some baby boys around here! The kids were all stinky cute together. My boys were behaving a bit heavier on the stinky side....understandably. They all feigned shyness at first, though we know the truth and they all warmed up by lunchtime.
First, the 'big kids' all rode the Carousel, but some wanted up/down horses and others didn't, by the time decisions were made there weren't any left. So Sam was the only one that rode a non-moving pony, and all the other kids sat in the benches. So Cute!

Then we popped over the DowAgro Sciences area. Gotta admit, I used to not like taking Chris in this area because it was too advanced, but Chris is Just beginning to get into it. I'm always a little proud going in there, they've got a biotech area, and a pond. There's this contraption where kids can turn things to make the balls go up and around the simple machines, or help lift the balls or shoot them, and they just LOVED it! Even Sam wanted to just watch the balls go round and round.

Then they discovered the river section, it's a river, going from falls to delta, where we can send boats over dams and all kinds of fun, much more mature, right? Nah, to the kids it was all the same, water to splash in. ;)

We headed off to have lunch, from the 4th floor on down, and we let the kids run, race really, one floor at a time. They were so cute running. And obedient, they'd even stop when I'd yell STOP over the side.

During/After lunch Chris and Sam both were making it clear they were done, I think the sleep deprivation is catching up with us. Instead of dinner tonight, the boys chose to keep napping, and I'm a bit short tempered and sore. But it was so sweet to have the kids play together; I had a good time at the museum today.