Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Village


Ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling a bit like this?

Yeah, me too. Today was that day. When that happens, it probably would be best for me to get a giant squirtgun. Mommy was woken up on the wrong side of the bed, by Daddy's alarm clock which in turn woke the kids and the dog, and though they all went back to sleep, (or work) it wasn't all at the same time, so I only got another 20 minutes or so of sleep in spite of trying for 3 mor hours. I finally got up Grumpy.

Well, the boys and I were all on the edge. So we got dressed, and headed to the library for our Sign Language class. It was all Chris could do to pay attention and that was barely. We had been invited on a playdate with our Mom2Mom group, and I'd debated going because I wanted to make sure we got an early nap. But in the car, I got to the point where I was like, I Don't Care, we're going, I need some grownups.
Probably so I didn't beat anyone to a pulp. But also, Chris is better in a public, and I'm a better parent around others.
This turned out to be BRILLIANT! They were doing water balloons in the backyard when I arrived. Just happened to have a couple 'emergency' swim diapers in the diaper bag. I hadn't planned on coming, hadn't packed drinks, or food, or anything. We just showed up. But the boys had a great time, the lept right in to the water balloon fight. OK, Sam got on the grass to watch the other kids have water balloon fights.

But the Chris brought a balloon over, tossed at Sam's belly, where it promptly bounced right off his belly and splashed in the grass.

Back to the balloon bin for Chris. Can you spot him, he's the Really Pale one in a swim diaper. Nice look. Not quite white-trash-baby, but close.
Sam just watched.

But it was even more awesome when the giant squirtguns were brought out. Chris and his friend Bryn had quite the battle going for a bit. Both of them toting guns almost as big as themselves, but when Sam got a hold of one, we all laughed. Of course, he didn't quite figure out how to use it, just got water all over himself when he undid the cap, and he got mad when he got wet.

But going outside, and letting the boys get as crazy as they wanted to with friends did a lot for my mental health. Sure it was hot, but I didn't care much. It felt better to just sit with other parents, equal opportunity yelling, and all looking out for everyone's kids. It was nice. Nice to have a group of mom's to just Be with for a bit. I'm lucky I've got a lot of friends like that, my two mom groups, and I'm so blessed with great friends. Made even greater when they appear when I need them most.

They say it takes a Village to raise a child. I've got a Really Great Village!