Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting Artsy


Today was a more relaxing day, we only traveled back and forth between Aunt Teri's and Cousin Cathy's houses, about 15 minutes apart. But we did it a couple times. Aunt Teri watches her granddaughter Cameron, who loves the boys. I couldn't help falling in love with their dog, Cavit. He's a Weimeraner. And he's So Pretty. I just wanted to go all William Wegman on him. So I tried, but there was a fair bit of human cuteness that was distracting me too.

Cameron is infatuated with Sam, she just wants to touch him. NICELY, we yell, so that instead of beating him, she pats him, rubs him. But Chris put her to work. She's 6 weeks older than Sam, and Chris has her pushing him! Sheesh.

We took the kids shopping, had some bagels for lunch, and returned for naps. Our afternoon swim plans were cancelled by Chris's timeouts and a lovely afternoon summer storm. Afterwards, we went to dinner at Outback, where Sam fussed until my last resort, a bottle of water FINALLY soothed him. (I can't wait until he can say/sign Drink, to let me know he's thirsty, we left a Mess in our wake of thing I tried to use to calm Sam.) On our way home, the sunset peeped around the clouds. It was Very Cool. Yeah I rolled down the window and started taking pictures as we drove. Chris asked if I was going to drop the camera or my glasses. I didn't though.

This Palm Tree is in Aunt Teri's front yard...Ahhh Sunset.

The Sunset put a calm over me that had not existed all afternoon. But I can take some tantrums and some fuss for God to give me a show like that!


Seestor said...

That palm tree might be the most beautiful thing ever and possibly my fav of your pix so far (excepting the ones of our kids of course :) Might need to snag that pic for my wall, FYI. Glad you're having fun, miss you (I know, right? :) xoxo