Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Play Date with Sam


With Big Brother in a Theatre Summer Camp this week, Sam and I got a unique chance. We went to the Children's Museum. Alone. Just us. Just Mommy and Sam. Arriving shortly after opening was Awesome, Playscape was relatively quiet.

Sam really didn't know what to do without having older kids trampling all over him. He actually enjoyed padding about by himself, for a bit.

Then an employee came around with a Tamborine, he was like the Pied Piper. He wanted to do some Finger Plays in the 'family room' which was where I used to go hide to nurse both boys. After Finger plays we played in the Baby scape area. Sam loved playing with these tubes, like clear rainsticks, they were filled with different things, Sam loved the one with bitty bouncy balls inside it the best.

Heaven for Sam is a room full of balls.

Of course the kiddie area didn't stay quiet for long; we listened to story time, and afterwards it was too crowded for us, but by that time, it was time for us to eat lunch and go get Chris.