Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Empty Nest


We haven't seen Mrs. Mamaduck in 3 days. Not since Early Sunday morning. At least I think I saw her Sunday morning, it may have been Saturday night for sure. Either way, she's not been around. And there are 3 eggs left in the nest. Its very sad.

On the other hand, they could be rotten eggs.

In the car last night, I mentioned to Eric that we might want to put the remaining eggs out with the trash. We wouldn't want a stinky front walk.

From the back seat, "NO! You can't throw out Mrs. Mamaduck's eggs. If we put them in the trash, if Mrs. Mamaduck comes back, she'll be sad."

True. So we didn't empty the nest. I guess we're still holding out hope for Mrs. Mamaduck and little ducklings. But the hope gets less and less. And I really don't want to make a mama duck and the Boy sad.

Meanwhile, my nest is a little empty today too. Because my back is still sad too, we sent the boys to play with Grandma all day.