Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Guest


The boys were playing outside early this evening, and Eric decided to do a little weeding in the front garden. As he neared the front door, he heard a rustle. He looked up and found Mrs. Mama Duck sitting on a homemade nest in our rosebush!

She was shaking with fright. Poor thing. Guess she moved in while we were on vacation. Who'd have thought we'd have a spot big enough to hide on our front porch in our rosebush? Ha! Anyway, he pulled Chris in and showed her. Chris thinks she's a goose. She has seven little eggs, and I'm just too excited to have them in our yard. It will be soon, they only incubate for about 4 weeks. This may be an excellent learning opportunity for Chris. Can't wait to see them.


Carla S said...

How cool is that!!

seestor said...

Good God! PLEASE watch over her and keep the critters away from her nest! I'm still paranoid from that time a momma duck tried to build a nest in mom's yard - the yard with 4 dogs - terrifying. And post lots of pix after the babies come! :)