Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tough Job


I write from the comfort of my own home, having just finished doing yesterday's breakfast dishes, and some laundry, and bathing the boys in our bathtub. God Bless Running Water.

This morning, my boys both woke up at 6. You'd think they would've slept longer after a slumber party at Grandma's. But they were in such great moods, I didn't mind so much.

I received my first order of the day shortly thereafter when Chris tried to bribe me, "Mommy, if you get dressed REAL GOOD (dood) than you can push me outside in the yellow swing."

Well, who can refuse an offer like that.


Melissa A. said...

I ♥ it when my kids wake up in good moods (which can be a rare occasion, since I have to wake them up most mornings). Sounds like you've got a rough day of pushing swings and soaking in the pool!

By the way, your new profile pic is lovely, and your new blog title is perfect. Nice job on both! :)