Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cousin Katie is a Deaconess!

Eric's cousin Katie has been going to school for a few years to become a Deaconess in the Lutheran Church (MS). Today was her day to be officially Commissioned. It was THE most tear jerky service I've been to that didn't involve a funeral. Besides the fact that we're just achingly proud of Katie, for a. her accomplishment, and b. Accepting this Call, it was so Beautiful. She was so strong, yet sensitive, and happy, and she's going to really be a great blessing to the church in Wisconsin where she has been Called.
The awesomeness of the service was enhanced by the secondary homily given by her brother Sean, who is a Seminarian. And her Dad did a reading too. But when Sean gave his sermon, not only was it the best most inspiring sermon I've heard in a while, but then he started basically Thanking Katie for accepting this call, for being so loving, and in general just being awesome. I didn't hear all the Thank you's because I really got serious in my sobs. I sucked a sob in so loudly, I think Sean heard it, and it wasn't too long after that , that he lost it too. I think all the women in the first three rows (fam and friends of Katie) were crying. And some of the guys too. And it wasn't sad cries, that's what makes it so awesome, we were crying for Joy.

Anyway, I couldn't resist taking a picture during her Commission, this is Katie, and the tall young fella in the background is Sean, as she gives her Oath in front of God, Church, the Fam, and everybody. (Yeah I cried here too.)

After the Service, there was a cake and punch reception. The boys were getting the nibleez, so they had some cake. Since the cake said Katie, I told Chris it was called Katie Cake. Really it was Carrot Cake, though when Chris says Carrot Cake, it kind of sounds the same. ;) He and Sam both loved it. Sam was also pretty content making the rounds of snuggle too. Here he is with the guest of honor.

Now, you know Willman's. We Eat. So after the reception, we cleared out the church and headed for a Fam only Luncheon. Chris couldn't get enough of Katie. They are best buds now because last week at the Family Reunion (can it be that it was only last week?) Katie lent Chris her camera. He was troubled that Katie didn't have her camera today...but there were plenty of other folks taking pictures. Even Katie's sister Erin let Chris get crazy with her camera. Mostly though he was content to pretend people were ladders and climb up them, to sit on their laps and play.

It was such a great day! Although Eric wasn't feeling well, so he didn't make the Festivities, but it was a Great Day! This was Katie's hymn request. One of our favorites too.


Kathleen said...

Congrats to Katie! And that's one of my favorite hymns too!

Seestor said...

Is that the "Here I am Lord, it is Igor" song? ;)

P.S. the verification word is "holyto" - how 'bout that? :)

Cathy said...

Yes Li, Yes it is.