Sunday, June 13, 2010

Momology: in Review

Being on Vacation has given me an opportunity to review the book our MOPS group is going to be taking on for the next year. I'm really going to enjoy it; it's going to be So Exciting! My background was in science, specifically Biology. And this book takes an interesting turn from the traditional books our group reads; it's more of a laboratory analysis...of Motherhood. Which of course, is so hard to truly study because there are so many Variables. So this approach is nifty because it recognizes all the differences, and uses them as a guide in parenthood to developing and growing in5o great families. There are sections devoted to Field Study, which are real Mom testimonies. Practicum, which really means Real World use of some of these thoughts. It's this Real World analysis with scientific elements of things that are hard to scientifically quantify like Family, Motherhood, and Faith that makes this book so great.
Normally, if the book asks me a thought-provoking question, I write my answers, because this is my journal and it helps me remembers better when I write it down. However, this book has so many little sections like that, it would take me all year to write them down...oh yes, I thought, THAT is the idea! So I'll redo that portion later. But of course, since I can't just read through this book like I was reading Harry Potter, I still wanted to contemplate and discuss. Also, we can check out to get into the Community of other Moms, MOPS or not. So being that we were on vacation, I did so, with Eric. It was fun to review some of these practicum questions with him; it gave us insights into each other. Much discussion was about our Strengths and Weaknesses, which prompted lots of thought as to what steps I need to take to develop my own Strengths, not just as a Mother, but as a Person.
This book really went along with my long standing theory that if a Mother is well rounded, and is constantly working towards becoming a better Person; she'll naturally be a better Mother. We don't have to just work on Mom Things. I liked how in particular, it made me want to develop my Core. Traditionally I think of this as just my torso, on me is pretty weak ;) so my first thoughts as I read kept coming back to how weak I am. And how I should take the time to develop it, but this was more aimed towards the further development of my physical, emotional, and Spiritual core. How I spend my time on things that include or don't include my family speaks volumes to my kids as to what I consider as important. Who do I surround myself with? There's a whole big section on my community, my inner and outer circles. If I take the time to develop ME, then I'm showing my kids what a valuable commodity They are too. God loves us so, he wants us to be healthy: mentally, physically, spiritually; and by developing all the gifts, we show Him how much we care, and how grateful we are for All the Gifts he's given us.
Here's to the new year!