Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Erie-versary!


I can't believe it's my Anniversary, 12 years Eric and I have been married!

When we left South Bend this morning, we weren't sure where we'd be staying the night. All we knew was that Chris wanted "water". We didn't get moving after breakfast, no rush really, not until almost 11. Well, we stopped for lunch at McD's about 1, outside Toledo. And we thought stopping in Cleveland, maybe hit the Rock-n-Roll hall of Fame might be nice.

Sam disagreed, he fell flat asleep 20 minutes outside Cleveland. Then we lost Chris while going through downtown. They slept until we hit the Pennsylvania border, and Sam woke up MAD. Well, we didn't figure we were making to Grandma's anyway, and we'd resigned ourselves to just a quiet evening watching TV. Nothing romantic for this Anniversary.
We decided to stop at the next big exit with stuff, which just happened to be Erie. We pulled off the ramp and saw signs for an Indoor Water park, but at 5 on a Sunday, sure we wouldn't be able to hit that. Chris spotted it too, and started asking and asking to go. So we drove over to get the scoop. Just so happens on the weekends they are open until 9, and the connecting Holiday Inn Express offered us a deal we just couldn't refuse. So we went for it, tickets into the WAter park for tomorrow, and bonus, they'd let us in tonight for the last couple hours on top of it. We opened our door to our room, 1st floor, right by the lobby, Easy location. And 2 beds, plus a fold out sofa. Room for Everyone to have their own bed, and the bathroom has a GINORMOUS whirlpool bath, easily big enough for 2. Sam had to have company in the tub because he would've drowned it was so big and deep. And we had a great time at the water park.
We grabbed dinner from Steak-n-Shake after our bout at the water park, very appropriate, since we did the same thing on our wedding night. This time, we just brought it in the hotel room and ate with the kids. Actually, the whole evening was something surreal.
I went down a water slide. I haven't done that since YMCA Day camp in the 80's. Wow! I didn't stop smiling for an hour. The surprise was that Chris LOVED the waterslide, but only the open topped ones, the tunnel ones freaked him out. Eric and I both took turns going down. Sam got to float down a Lazy River on Mommy's lap. At one point, we got tipped, and both of us went down, I lifted him up and he sputtered, was quiet, and just sat there for a bit, but by the time we went around the next bend, he was back to smiling. Then we bumped into a waterfall and got drenched again. I thought he was going to lose it, but No, he was a Champ.

And we all got to go into a Family Friendly Jacuzzi! It was warm, warm enough to warm Sam who was turning a bit blue (he does that when cold, he's our time to go gauge), without roasting him. Totally OK for the little ones to get in. It was Great! Perfect Family Day!

Who'd have thought we'd be able to soak in the Jacuzzi tub on our anniversary, we didn't!


Carla S said...

That's fantastic that you all got to have such a lovely time!

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad it turned out WAY better than you anticipated! Enjoy the waterpark tomorrow!

Melissa A. said...

How fun! Looks like everyone had a great day together, and sounds like this one will go in the books!

Seestor said...

I was thinking about you guys a lot yesterday because it was your anniversary - glad you had a good one. Love you.