Saturday, June 26, 2010

All about the Agua


Now see? THIS is what it's all about. You go to the pool, you chill with friends in the shade. All that's missing is a drink with a little wait that's me.

For Chris on the other hand, going to the pool means getting crazy. Today we went for Swim Lessons. And he got off to a great start. I knew he was going to do well, considering I found him doing the dog paddle earlier this week. He was kicking off to beat the band.

Then came the Dunk.

Apparently, it was Dunking Day for the preschooler class. And if they fought it, they got dunked anyway. As they blustered coming out of the water, the lifeguards would say Gimme Five, and confused and blustering with water, instead of a meltdown they gave 5s. OK, I went off to take pictures of Sam and Daddy, since Daddy was taking his turn with Sam in the Parent and Tot class.

Friends Sam and Shaylee both got to do class with their Daddy's today. It was pretty sweet, at one point the kids were playing footsie as they splashed foot to foot with each other.

The lifeguard supervisor for Chris's class came around looking for me, and said tha Chris was not cooperating and asked me if it was OK to "Make Him". I said sure, I approved, and am quite glad they asked. This was his face later. Red and crying, he was a tantrumy mess, he didn't appreciate the continuation of dunking. But We know he can do better, and it's important he not be afraid of the water.

So to reinforce the fun (not that he needs much more) when his friend Max came over this evening, we broke out the pool. Turns out both boys were in need of a nice fun swim. And so they did.

Even a leak in the bottom wouldn't stop them from playing in the water. Well, in, on, and around, anyway. Our pool had a leak, so we put duck tape on it, which held the refilling water, but once the kids got in, the leak busted open again, and it's sayonara jungle pool. Hmm....maybe we need another pool....