Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hot Stuff


It was rather gross out today, high 95, and Very Humid. My glasses fogged up twice when going outside. Ugh. So when the picnic we had planned was cancelled, we moved it indoors.

But when we woke up from naps, and big surprise it was still grossly hot outside, Chris had the idea of going swimming with Grandma again. I liked this Plan. So we called Grandma and headed over to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Amy's again. I'm sure they are glad to know that their dogs are having a fine time chasing and kissing boys, and that the neighborhood is not being neglected in their absence.

Chris put on his swimsuit with the built in floatie, so we decided to do the Big Pool with the girls' boogie boards instead of the baby pool. Chris was Very Apprehensive, but Grandma was able to talk him into kicking a bit. He kicked a few steps to the steps, and then decided he wanted to hug the side, and work his way around the pool that way.

Meanwhile Sam was pretty content to just run around the pool. Finally, we got Sam IN the pool. He was fine, as long as he was holding on to someone...or rather someone's swimsuit straps.

We decided to get alittle crazy and blow up a fishy floatie and put Sam in it. Sam did pretty well, I even let go, and his arm strength kept him floating, but most of the time I was either holding his arms or bottoms. He did OK in it, but I think he wanted to pull on our hair or swimsuits more.

Suddenly while I'm messing with Sam, I hear Chris behind me. Oh yes, he was in the middle of the pool. By himself. Dog paddling!

He was able to swim doggie style with that floatie swimsuit all over that pool. And he had no fear, he was crossing the pool. I was having a bit of trouble keeping up with him. He did great! I'm so proud.