Thursday, June 10, 2010

Changing Sides


It occurred to me yesterday, as I was trying unsuccessfully to post pictures from our trip to Niagara Falls that no where did I get a picture at the Falls of the 4 of us together! Oh no! Among all the things I've forgotten from passports to potty seats, this by far, exceeds all in importance. I've kind of adopted a "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints" sort of mentality, so by gum, my Pictures are key to my vacation.
So this was high on my mind this morning, when we were plotting what we were going to do today. We had wanted to take Grandma to lunch in Niaga-on-lake, a quaint small town, but while removing the way back seat to make room for strollers and luggage worked well, seating 5 in the mini-van has been tricky, usually calling for someone to sit on the floor in the trunk. Grandma brought it to our attention it might Look Bad to cross the border this way. I am sad to say I hadn't even thought of it, but she's right, it would be Bad Form to smuggle a grandma across the border, so no lunch in Niagara-on-lake for us. So we decided to head back up to the falls, for a picture, lunch, and then if we felt like it we thought we'd sample the falls on the American side. I'd never done this. I got the impression from the step's that the American side was boring the view not as good, so we'd not been. But I was intrigued by how it was set up, so we toyed with checking out.

First, we headed into Canada, parked on Clifton Hill, this beast of a hill, made out like a Mini-Vegas. And trotted down to snap our picture of all of us. And yes, we are wearing matching shirts. Oddly enough, we learned in WDW that when we wear the same color, we're easier to identify both with each other, and to others. People move aside for our group, and when scanning the crowd for a toddler on the loose, it's easy to spot one in yellow or lime green.So matching green shirts it was for today!

For lunch, Back up the hill, to the Rainforest Cafe.

I've wanted to take the boys there for Ages. Taking them to the brother restaurant T-Rex fizzled in Disney, so we thought we should stick to the original. Who's afraid of Elephants? Not Chris. Though there was a scary moment, when a dangling animatronic snake that he freaked out. But then he spotted the Fishies, and he was good to go.

Sam on the other hand, thought the snake was so cool. He couldn't take his eyes off it. Awesome Ambience. And the food wasn't too bad either.

It was only 1 when we left the Rainforest, so we decided to cross back over, and give the American side a go. Well from the very first thing, I Loved It! Eric's theory is that because they made Goat Island a State Park, it's held up, and isn't over commercialized like the Canadian side (aka Little Vegas). Probably. We drove across a bridge and wove through the woods. THere was a restaurant looking over the Canadian horseshoe side of things, we were able to get right up close to it, which wasn't as easy to do on the other side. We could feel the mist. It was a beautiful. .

Just beautiful. And quiet! Less crowded, and I really felt more in touch with Nature, and the amazing power and speed of the water.

This time I remembered to get a picture of all 4 of us together too! ;)

Because it was naptime, and we weren't letting anyone nap, there was no way Sam would've been up for a trip down to the Cave of the Winds, where you can walk on walkways, wearing spiffy plastic jackets and shoes, and get good and wet. Yep, not up for that this trip, we may have to hit it again.

So we headed back home, however, we'd spotted a playground by the Niagara River, and told Chris if he was good we'd stop on the way home. So we did.

Sam thought Chris might be thirsty.

When we got back and snagged Grandma, I was feeling like all I wanted was to have some lake food, and sit by the river. So Grandma took us to Mississippi Mudd's, they had beef on weck, hot dogs, and Fish Sandwiches, plus my new FAV loganberry milkshake. Most importantly, the view was great, we were right on the Niagara River.

There's something about the rushing water, that really has been Calming me, probably my favorite part of this trip, has been enjoying the water in all it's various forms.