Friday, June 25, 2010

Summery Day


What a Fun Day! All week Chris has been going to the Advent Lutheran VBS (Vacation Bible School) with his friend Emily. He's had a great time, and today was their last day, they had a 'Program' featuring all their songs this morning. Can you see Chris wearing the yellow shirt? All the kids are wearing the T-shirts they tie-dyed earlier in the week. Chris looks pretty good in yellow.

I didn't recognize the words of many of their songs, but I knew this one, "Father Abraham". You can tell the kids really got a kick out of Praising the Lord 'with the right, with the left, with the right foot, with the left foot, chin up, and spin around." A Good Time!

To Celebrate the end of VBS, we had a picnic lunch (ok we drove through McDonald's because Mommy was not with it enough to pack a full lunch, I was doing well to get the kids dressed. :) ) at the park, followed by putting the kids in their swimsuits and letting them run wild in the Sprinkler park. Sam had never been, but he'd done so well in the Indoor water park, I let him walk around. He loved the little streams of water, but was happier about little stones on the ground. He did walk around, and sit in the puddles, and had a good time.

Chris didn't last too long in the water park, he ran wild for a few minutes, and headed over to the Park portion, when he practiced being a monkey on the monkey bars. At one point though, while I wasn't looking, he fell, face first, and got mulch up his nose and in his mouth, and now he looks like Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer from the scratches incurred on his poor little nose. But the boy has Strong Arms!

One last cheesy picture of Chris and his friends Emily and Mary from VBS at the Park before we headed home. It was hard to get 3 tired kiddos to smile and mean it...the level of exhaustion is equal to the amount of fun had by all this week.

Happy Summer Days!


Kathleen said...

Okay, is Emily REALLY that much bigger than Chris & Mary?!? Good gracious, she looks like a GIANT!