Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rained In

*Pictures taken on time, but added later*

Today was a rather rainy day. That was OK by us though, we just stayed in, took a leisure morning.

We took our time getting ready for the day. The Carousel Factory Museum here in town was what I wanted to take the boys to see, and it didn't open until noon. By the time we thought of it, it was nearly lunchtime. So we hit Andersen's again for Beef on Weck, Loganberry soda, and custard. Sam loves him some custard. He was rather a teething screamy mess today, so it was extra hysterical to see his Sugar Spike after getting half a serving of chocolate custard. We weren't sure if his hands were shaking from cold or from sheer Joy. Either way, he was pretty cute.

From lunch we zipped over to the Herschell Carousel Factory Museum.

Turns out something like 75% of all carousels were made here from the 1920's to the 1970's. So they took the factory and made it a museum. We met one of Grandma's friends, who has been managing the museum for 25 years. (Love small towns!) Very neat, we got to see where they carved the horses, and put in the organ/band music. Turns out the Wurlitzer family (of the organs)also lived right here in town. Of course, all the kids really cared about was riding on the Carousel, or is it Carrousel, or Caroussel? We saw it spelled all three ways on various signage.

Either way, they were in Awe.

So We did. We rode, and it was good!

We even got Grandma up on a Pony!

This old Carousel was like a roller coaster compared to the Children's Museum (which is not a Hershell Carousel by the way--they have a checklist for the U.S. and we checked). This beast went a lot faster, made Eric dizzy, even. But the boys did great.

That was enough activity for us, and we All came home and took naps. We were not-so-rudely awakened by our cousin Andy stopping by. He just graduated from college, and was working in the area, so he popped by. He stayed the afternoon/evening and joined us for Big Daddy's Pizza and Wings (also best in town) and few rounds of cards. The boys loved him, and he was so patient, letting them crawl all over him. It was a great visit, a quiet day in town.


Seestor said...

Don't forget to tell Andy about how we used to put our glasses on his little face and call him "Androol" :) Give everyone my love!