Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Journey Home, Pt. 2


Only we could take a 3 hour trip and turn it into a 10 hour adventure. We began the morning leisurely on the north side of Columbus. I say Leisurely because the kids slept until 8, which was HUGE. Guess the not napping is catching up with them. We then joined Mom and Dad for breakfast in the hotel lobby, then a swim for the boys and I. Very nice morning for a swim, jump started our day! We came back to the room and got all packed up. Then I got some even better news, we were going to be
able to pop by and visit some friends.

The only problem, the limiting factor, if you will, was that Chris and Sam had a sign language class in B'burg at 4:45.

So first we got to visit Krysten, a friend from BU, and her daughter Sadie. The boys had fun playing with Sadie, or rather her Toys.

Sam was awful sweet with Sadie. I swear, we didn't intend for them to match. Our matchy shirts were the only clean ones we had left...it just worked out nicely for this impromptu crazy day. We've been loving how the boys interact with Sadie as she gets older. Sam and Sadie are only 7 months apart in age. It was a big difference the last time we saw them, the differences are getting less and less... Doesn't it sound cute, "Sam and Sadie, sitting in a tree....".

After that all too brief visit, we moved on to visit our friend Lori, who used to be in MOPS, and church and lived just down the street. Her son Andrew is 1 year to the day older than Chris. And Chris LOVES him. Ryan is 14 mos older than Sam. But it was pretty cute that the older two just Took Off to play anywhere and everywhere, while the Mama's and youngsters stayed close. But they were pretty cute together too.

They just all didn't know what to do with each other when all 4 of them were together. But it was another visit that was too short. I think we may have to take a road trip to Columbus this summer, maybe stay a bit longer.

I liked this town. We weren't on the highway very long, before it became clear we were Not going to make it back in time for our class. Oh well. The boys were not just content to eat and take naps. And calming a screamy Sam required stopping. At one of our stops, we just plopped the boys in the grass, while parents powdered noses.

They were having entirely too much fun picking clover. Sam was rubbing it in his hair, and Chris was painting himself with it. And Daddy found a 4 leaf clover!

But the little break got us recharged enough to finally cross the border. The boys remained content with a steady stream of teddy grahams. We made good time until just past Greenfield when all traffic on the the highway Stopped. We ended up having to get off and take the scenic route to cousin Suzy's. By the time we got to her, she was at her part time job of lifeguard at the neighborhood pool. She was so excited that we brought her a 'new car', that she asked if we'd like to swim. That's like Asking if a boy would like Chicken nuggets. Um, Yes. So we did. We grabbed our suits out of the car (guess it pays sometimes to be living out of the car) and the boys and I went for a swim. I didn't realize how much I needed it until I was in the water. So good to get the driving pressure out of the joints.

And of course, the boys were thrilled. Chris figured out how to climb along the wall, and would work his arms sliding along. Sam wanted to do the same thing big brother was doing. Surprisingly, no shockingly, I put Sam's hands on the wall, and held his bottom, but his little feet latched on the wall, and I was actually able to let go of both boys as they clung to the wall of the pool. All. By. Themselves.

They grow too fast.

As Suzy escorted us to our car, Chris asked her "Suzy, would you like me to show you your New Car?" Oh yes, Chris she supportively praises him. He turns to the car, starts moonwalking backwards with his hands out like Vanna White. It was so hysterical, the photos don't do it justice. I honestly have no idea where he picked up that. Really.

With all our jabbing at Suzy, we didn't notice how the storms were sneaking in, but we did notice our bellies getting a bit hungry. We decided the kids weren't going to be happy on the 40 minute trip home, hungry, heck they were already mad we were leaving the pool and getting in the car. So we decided to head for the nearest Chick Fil-A. Turns out it was Family Night which means free kids' meals, and a Face Painting clown. Oh yes, Chris was in heaven. No better way in his book to end a vacation than by being batman.

Batman didn't make the trip home entirely conscious. Of course, I can't blame it, it took us 10 hours to drive a distance that should've taken us 3.

And after we arrived at home, safe and sound, the sun began to peep out through the rainclouds. Nothing says Happy Homecoming like a Rainbow over the house!


Krysten said...

I LOVE the picture of Sadie and Sam! Thank you guys so much for stopping yesterday! It's always lovely to see you and really did help to brighten my spirits! :)