Monday, June 14, 2010

The Journey Home, pt. 1


OK, so the background: Remember how I told you how we were going to swing by Grandma Pat's on the way out of the state this morning? Well, after a lovely brunch at Panera with Mom, Dad, Karl, and Erica; we did. We had to pick up my cousin Suzy's 'new car'. We got a panicked call from Suz on Thursday. Her car had died. A Horrible Death. Her mom (living just about 15 minutes from where we were) had one for her, and would it, could it, even hypothetically be possible for us to caravan and bring it home. We were like, uh SURE, no problem. Sounded like Fun actually, being able to have a spare car, to escape to when the kids got to much, just stop and switch drivers. Turns out that's exactly what it was like.

We charged up the cell phones, and caravan'd home: It's been a little different, but we each separately got to listen to our Book on CD, Moby Dick, probably more today than the whole trip, because no one was yelling for more Veggie Tales. ;)

So the first stop we made was Grandma's (Grandmas Pat's House) to pick up our stash of Ted's Hot Sauce and Sahlen's Hot Dogs, in the fridge, load up the coolers, grab the car, and go.

But the Boys discovered Grandma's Magnifying Glass. Not only had it been Cleaned, but it had been put back within reach of sweet boys. And they fought over it.

Grandma offered to take it and put it away, but the boys were too content to just sit and cuddle with her. And we were only too happy to let them get their fix before we hit the road. Hopefully she'll come out for Thanksgiving.

We made it into Pennsylvania before the boys started getting Ootsy, so we decided our first stop should be Lunch. How about a Chick Fil-A. We just happened to know where one was--Erie, PA. And when Eric (who was driving the kids in the mini-van) pulled in to the Chick Fil-A lot, and Chris hopped out of the car, he saw where he was, and said, "Good Job Daddy! You found the SPECIAL Chichen Fil-A." It must be special because the entry (which is still all decorated for Spicy Chicken Sandwich intro) are red streamers and a whirling red ambulance light. He was thrilled to hit their Play Area too, it has a Car attached to the upper level; the Cow Car chris calls it. And for some reason the cow was out making a scene by the road today. Chris was thrilled.

As we continued on, the phone rang; E's parents had made it to Columbus, and were thinking of calling it a night. Would we be able to join them? Well, the boys crashed for naps just outside Cleveland. (Did so both there and back again) So we thought Sure. So we continued on to Columbus. Had Mom and Dad not been waiting we probably would've stopped about 1/2 hour north of Columbus because that last stretch was quite hard on Eric. They boys were done. I got the naptime shift, but all I got was fighting sleep fussage, and the post waking yell of Sam, which prompted my stop and switch for a diaper and snacks. I definitely got the better end of the deal on the car caravan today!
We insisted that we all get a hotel with an indoor pool, because Chris had been so good today I wanted to reward him with a swim. He really was. So we did. And so Mom and Dad had a bit of trouble scoping out this Hampton with the Indoor Pool, wifi and breakfast. We were in such a frenzy by the time we got here and the car stopped, that one of the coolers came Tumbling out the side of the minivan when we started unloading. Unfortunately, it was the cooler houseing our special jars of Ted's Hot Sauce. We did manage to save 2 jars, but that was our casualty of the trip home. The hot dogs are safe though. :) But all the insanity was worth it, we got to have a nice dinner, and a lovely swim, and we've got a nice room. So nice that Sam doesn't want to have anything to do with his toys, he's content to play with the remote control and the night stand.

And Chris?
Chris wanted to sleep on the floor. And that's where he is right now...all the snoring in here is making me sleepy, so I better sign off too. Good night.