Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Falls

*Pictures added in later* (though actually taken on date in question)

We spent this morning chilling out at home. Grandma goes to Mass everyday, so we had coffee and were relaxing waiting for her to come home when suddenly, our Passports arrived! Yes, after much money spent, and many hoops jumped we had gotten passports for all 4 of us, which Mommy promptly left at home. The inlaws picked them up for us and overnighted them to us. Hooray!
So when we got them, my first thought was CANADA! Here we come! And so we did. We went to Niagara Falls, Canadian side.

And Grandma is only 20 minutes away. It was amazing, powerful, and beautiful. I really wanted to take the boys on the Maid of the Mist boat ride; Chris really wanted to ride the Skywheel (a giant ferris wheel that overlooks the Falls). We compromised and did both. Beautiful views. Just gorgeous. On the Maid of the Mist, they now use disposable plastic ponchos, instead of the big hot coats I remember from my youth. But they are still blue! And we looked highly fashionable. ;)

Sam wasn't too keen on the boat, he liked looking out, when it was peaceful, but he didn't appreciate getting up close and personal with the waterfall; and though Chris was enjoying it, he was too small to stand on his own, so in order to see had to be carried. We carried both boys the whole ride, about 15-20 minutes of Rocking Waves, blustery misty winds. It was so Cool, and so Exhausting. We had to take a rest under a shady tree early.
Then we hit walked up Clifton Hill to the Skywheel. The place was like Vegas or Hollywood or something, luckily for us the crowds weren't too bad today, so neither were the lines. The Skywheel was a perfect end to our falls trip. Though I needed a litle pick-me-up, beverage wise there at the end. So we tried Tim Horton's, which seems to be kind of like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. And I got a scrumptious French Vanilla cappuccino deluxe. Hit the spot! Though I was suspicious of hazelnut because my mouth started feeling a little funky. I'll ask next time we go.

The boys conked on the walk back to the car, and slept until we got back to Grandma's. We grabbed Grandma and went to dinner at Ted's. Ted's has the most amazing hot dogs, they're famous, like Food Channel Famous. So we stocked up on hot sauce to bring home. I also would like to sum up a new discovery: Loganberry. Last night at Anderson's, Eric tried a Loganberry milkshake, which I tried and it was yummy. I saw Ted's had Loganberry soda, so I tried it nd it was quite nice, not as syrupy sweet as red pop, but still red, still sweet, quite yummy.

So we ate well, Again. Seems to be a common theme.


Unknown said...

What? You didn't get some Tim Bits while you were at Tim Hortons? Mmmmm.