Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Letter D

Today's pictures are brought to you by the Letter D.

D is for Dunkin Donuts. Daddy wanted to do some work around the house after we hit the early service at church, and Chris was screaming he was hungry. So I went on a Donut Date with my boys.

Chris told me he wanted a "Yeasty one just his size" as opposed to the Munchkins that Sam eats. He ate one, and wanted more, and ate that one too, and a couple munchkins. Sam ate 5 munchkins, and all but 2 hash rounds. Who says these boys don't eat?

D is for Duck.
I am beginning to think Mrs. Mamaduck is not going to win any mother of the year awards. I saw her first thing this morning, but then we haven't seen her all day. THEN last night, after introducing her to our friends, as we chatted in our front yard while boys stared at her, we found a dead duckling in the front yard with half a broken egg nearby. At the time I swore it wasn't Mrs. Mamaducks, her eggs weren't that big. But then today, since she was gone, and I got a good look at her eggs. They got bigger, and there are only 3 left.

She didn't even come back when it started raining, it was raining sideways, and filling all the flowerpots. And she has been nowhere to be found. It makes me sad, I had such high hopes of seeing happy little ducklings prancing about, and showing them to Chris.

D is for Dog Diving This has become Sam's new favorite sport. Today Sam has been crawling all over Fina. And she just sits there.

I think he may miss the cat now, and he's taken to playing with Fina instead. This was hysterical, he was actually riding and rocking back and forth on her. He plays with her ears, and nails, and she just takes it. What a good dog!

D is for Daddy drilling. We all went to Lowe's together this morning for drill bits so he could put up cement board. And while I didn't get an Action shot, Daddy has been working very hard on the bathroom all day. He has been drilling cement board into the studs over the insulation and putting in the tub.

Here's my new tub...almost. Well, at least we have walls...almost. But Almost makes me pretty happy!