Monday, February 1, 2010

Wanted: Buzz Lightyear


Buzz Lightyear: Super Hero, Space Ranger, known to Karate Chop Block Walls in a single chop, and Friend.

If you find Buzz, please let us know.

Buzz was last seen chopping down block walls on the coffee table with his boy Christopher.

Cleanup was conducted before naptime, after which it was noticed Buzz went missing. Children's rooms have been searched. Suspected he went to find his friend Woody, though Woody has never lived here.

Christopher seems to think Buzz is lost in the wall, he thought he heard him earlier...and had an imaginary conversation with the wall in his room.

I hope we find him soon.

"The Wall" is a common theme today. We've been chopping down block walls, and building new ones, and Buzz may have disappeared in ours. But most importantly, today one of Chris's classmates and friends crossed over the Great Wall in China and is picking up his new adopted baby brother! Hooray for answered prayers on the other side of that Wall!

"Buzz Lightlayer" is Found! High Noon the next day, 24 hours later, we return from picking up Chris from preschool to find Buzz near the rocking chair on the living room floor. We checked there! SERIOUSLY, we have no idea where he was hiding. I pumped near that area while Chris was in school, but did not see Buzz, all of a sudden Poof! he's there. Very Strange...and yet, Very Toy Story.


Seestor said...

Eh, just tell Chris that Annie and I asked Buzz to fly over and help us with some mythological problem because we heard that Chris' Buzz was the best - he's a pretty generous kid, he might be okay with letting us "borrow" his Buzz for a good cause (at least long enough for you to find him :) xoxo

Alicia said...

Suellen and I have this one Christmas ornament that we always put on the tree first (it's a fuzzy monkey...really). One year, while packing up the tree we realized it was missing. This was a tragedy. We searched EVERYWHERE to no avail. Then, in mid-April. We get up, and the monkey is laying in the middle of the living room. No kidding. I blame the cats.

amypfan said...

I blame Sticky Finger Sam.