Friday, February 26, 2010

My "Oympits" Hero


Chris would like to join the Olympics. He has been asking to go Skating. Everyday. I keep telling him that Mommy's broken toe is NOT going to fit into an ice skate, but that in another month I will. Tonight I promised I would taking him skating by my Birthday...maybe for my birthday we'll see. I want to make sure I can fit in a skate first.

In order to appease him in the meantime, I asked if he'd like to go Skating in the garage?

He did! Too cold to go outside, sunny but really cold. So we donned his Christmas skating garb...all Lightning McQueen--skates, pads, and most importantly Helmet; he asked me about a zillion times what the elbow pads were. It was funny. And headed into the garage. Chris was very excited that Mommy moved the car out. The garage floor is about as rarely seen as the playground in winter.

Then we went out to the garage. I think he wanted to practice Short Track. But he couldn't go very fast. I held his hand. There's just something nice, albeit bittersweet and fleeting when he holds my hand so Tightly.

He wasn't very comfortable just skating, and he spotted the red car. But he was not going to let him crawl into the car in the Skates. So, we warmed him up for Bobsled!

That bored him pretty quickly too. So he grabbed a broom, and he couldn't decide if he was practicing for Curling or Hockey.

Yeah Olympics!