Thursday, February 18, 2010

Floor Picnic


It's snowy and cold, Still. But we got to borrow Bryn while her Mommy went to the doctor, for a "special lunch". So to make this special, we drove through McDonald's, and came home for a special Floor Picnic. Chris had gotten a glowing good boy report at school, so I had no qualms getting crazy. I even popped in Kung Fu Panda which Everyone loved. No one seemed to care about much else because there were chicken mcnuggets and TV. Sam was thrilled, he ate pieces of Chicken Mcnugget--just like the Olympians! And just like everybody else. Though he did keep diving for the kids french fries. But who wouldn't. Both my boys induced terrible McD's cravings while I was Pregnant, so it's not at all surprising they still love the place to this day.


amypfan said...

Bryn had such a great time! She hasn't stopped talking about the picnic and the panda since then! Thank you so much!