Monday, February 8, 2010

Sticky Fingers McWillman


Today our Best Friends, the Julius girls, rescued us from a day of TV by bringing us McDonald's for lunch! Hooray! So we camped out and ate on the coffee table, I know, horrible parenting, call CFS. Only Sam did NOT appreciate mealtime at the coffee table, especially from McD's because there was nothing for him.

Or so we thought.

Sam went for Emily's Apple Dippers. Her peeled sliced juicy apple pieces were too much for him to resist. So, he kept trying to grab them.

Love this look on her face.

She was not down with sharing.

Not even with her Sams. But Sam "asked nicely" for an apple piece, and she let him have 1. Then she promptly stuffed the rest so he could get no more. Sam also stuffed that 1 piece into his mouth, but Mommy pulled it back out so he wouldn't choke. He ate pinky fingernail sized pieces, and Didn't Die. He loved them! Guess we're upgrading to real apples!


SuperSillyAunt said...

He could probably eat little pea sized bites of french fry too...depending on the oil they're cooked in since I know you want to stay away from nuts for a while. But those fries will take him a while to chew...they'll dissolve eventually and keep him busy at the same time...I used to love giving the girls french fries.

amypfan said...

The look on Em's face cracks me up!