Thursday, February 11, 2010



I'm too excited. I think we may be over a hump. Or at least on the verge of finally getting through. In Potty Training! The day before yesterday, Chris helped make Valentine's. His scissors (and he) ended up in Time Out. Yesterday, he asked to go Potty, to get his scissors out of Time out. This morning, as soon as he got up, he wanted to get another toy out of time out. It's only been a recent addition that EVERY instance of pottying gets a toy out of time out, but he's Associating! Associating the action with something good. He requested, and went, Twice today. (Though he asked just after I put his night time diaper and jammies on tonight, but I said no, because I knew he was just stalling. My call.) When Daddy came home briefly, Chris was PROUD to show him his potty chart, which now sports 3 new stamps.

Chris told me he wants to Fill In ALL the Stamps! Sooner the better baby!