Saturday, February 27, 2010

Best Friends


I am very blessed with a wonderful husband and two of the sweetest boys God ever created. I can say this in all honesty because I was able to step away today. And in stepping away, I am able to return and really ppreciate all the blessings that my boys are. I came home to smiles and hugs, and even though there was crying from Sam, he was mostly content to be with me, and instead of the noise hammering away in my head, I had my own mind together enough to Just Love Them.
My BF Kathleen and I ran away to Edinburgh Outlet mall to do some shopping, for the kids, and for ourselves. Easter clothes was the starting goal, and though we didn't cross everything off the list, we tried. And boy did we Shop Hard.
I have not shopped like that in a while. Oy do my back and hips hurt. And I am so sleepy I'm even going to go to bed before Olympics are over. But Boy Howdy, It was refreshing to shop in the kids' shops without having to maneuvre the stroller, be available to hold the door open for someone else, and most of all to sit in the bar to have our lunch. Just Us.
We finally arrived home, and our boys had gotten together for supper, and the kids wer all playing happily. And The World was OK.
OK, Sam wasn't happy, he took one look at me and started crying to tell me all about what he thought of me leaving him for 10 hours. But he nursed and went to bed, and the other kids were all happy. Especially happy was Chris, who got to spend some time with his best friend Emily too.

But the Mommies had a great time, the kids had a good time, and the Daddies did wonderfully! I think it's good for us Therapeutically speaking for us to be away from each other (me and the boys anyway) so that we can work up to Missing each other. The kids and Mommies all got a break, and the opportunity to Miss Each other. Which after the day, we all did. All in all, A Very Good Day.