Saturday, February 13, 2010

7 more for Saturday

So, if you thought Yesterday's photos that I snapped while taking Chris out to the Bus were nifty...Holy Cow! I thought God was doing a great job at 8 a.m., that was nothing to just a couple hours later! Enjoy these that I snagged after the Sun came out, while Sam was Napping.

1. The Poplar tree in our frontyard

2. The "wheat" plant (weed) in the garden

3. Rose branch (So Cool the way the ice crystals surround the thorns of the rose?!)

4. Red Oak in the backyard

5. Blue Spruce out back(Reminds me of my boyz, all three of them, I got this tree for Eric's 30th birthday, and how it's got a couple cute Buds, just like we have!)

6. Bird's nest in the tree out front (My Favorite!)

7. Icicle. The frost even hung to the icicle that was dangling on our front porch!


Tamsin said...

Wow. I am awestruck at these photos! Just beautiful!