Thursday, February 25, 2010



My friend Andrea's daughters favorite snacks are cold unsalted green beans. I had canned a batch this summer, and accidently forgot to salt a couple jars. So tonight we cracked into one, and we gave one to Sam to try.

He wasn't much of a fan.

He took a couple tortured bites, probably testing to see if the taste improved. Then he reached over and Dropped it. It went to the dog. So Fina, Hannah and Hailey are the only ones who like cold unsalted green beans. I can't blame him. I tried warm unsalted green beans, and they didn't do it for me either.


Suellen said...

That face is priceless! :) LOL

Rachel said...

Wanna teach me to can?

Cathy said...

Sure! It's super easy, you're welcome to come over, and Bring that Sweetboy!

Rachel said...

Yes...about that...wanna have a playdate sometime in the near future?? :) - facebook me!

Seestor said...

Awww, poor Sam! (love that face!) You know, Pants HATED green things for a while there, but I just kept introducing her to stuff she didn't like every few weeks/months, and now she LOVES it (amazing how their tastes change!). She LOVES green beans and peas and mushrooms, she'd rather eat that than darn near anything (I know, she's a weird kid) - Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup is the best, maybe because it has noodles too or yummy broth flavor (I drain the soup and just give her the veggies), but it's a big hit - maybe Sam would like that? At the very least, the noodles in those canned soups are pretty mushy, so he could snack on those pretty easily... :)