Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding windows


Sam discovered the back patio door today.

He's been on the move, but today, he power crawled over to the back door, and got up on his knees and bammed his little hand on it. Luckily, he's not nearly as noisy as we are when we're banging on it to get Fina's attention to come back inside. But it would make a nifty vibrating window sound, that Sam really liked, and so he kept doing it. The baby liked the window.

You know, but only my crazy boy would be itching to go outside and play when it's 8 degrees outside. But he did. I've been using the argument, no it's too rainy, or dark, to go outside. But it was Sunny today. Sunny and Cold. But we had some time to kill after church this morning, Daddy was playing Prelude for the second service, and I went ahead and let Chris go play on the church playground and slide. He took a little friend with him, and he and Jenny played while Sam and I watched from the doorway...nice and warm. I wished I'd had my camera for that, but I hadn't taken it to church. He was having so much fun, he was so happy and bundled, and just adorable. It was so beautiful, he hadn't played on the playground for so long. He really had been longing to play outside. Even from home, he still looks out longingly to go out and play.