Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wery Willow Walentine's


Happy Valentine's Day!

Chris made Daddy a card. For real! He signed it himself, and helped cut, and glued hearts and colored it for Daddy.

We said we weren't going to do presents, but Mommy was quite pampered. Sam was up at 6, so I pulled him into bed, and slept with me until 8:30. We came out to find Breakfast of honey flakey biscuits coming out of the oven, and my freshly fixed laptop on the charger, open with a message of "Happy Valentine's Day!" scrolling across. There was even a little telltale box, I opened to find a pretty necklace with 2 for each boy.
Common Theme....2 boys.
They boys had picked up a Willow Tree statuette for Daddy of the two boys, Brothers. But they must've kept a big secret from me, because apparently they 'shopped' with Daddy and also picked out Willow Tree ornaments with him. Luckily, I've got our receipt. But it was so cute, to see that we'd picked out the same thing. Great minds thinking alike.

Though each boy got Mommy an ornament, and once opened, each boy thought they were pretty neat. And they started playing with them.

Then we got dressed, went to church, where Chris was in rare form today. Afterwards we went for lunch at White Castle, having been on Valentine's Days in other years for dinner. Apparently, they DON'T do all the festive tablecloths and wait staff for lunch though. The boys didn't care, Chris ate chicken rings, and Sam tried some chicken too. We ate so much that after naptime we didn't care about dinner. The boys were being extra sweet brotherly boys today and frankly I was pretty happy to spend the day with them. So we took a Family Trip to the Grocery Store. Found it MUCH easier to just take 2 carts, one for each boy, so that when Chris would yell, NO I don't want that, that was OK, we'd put it in Sam's cart. ;) Sam was content for the whole trip playing with a box of rotini. (He got mad when we took it away to pay for it!) We drove through Steak and Shake (and McD's for Chris) and I got a strawberry milkshake with hot fudge-- Yum-O! And we watched the Olympics. A very happy Day.

Happy Valentine's Day from Chris and Sam!


Rachel said...

Nathanael got me at Willow Tree statue (Angel of Mine) and a #1 Mommy button - how wonderful are sons???? :)