Friday, February 12, 2010

5 for Friday


It's always Darkest Just before Dawn.

Or in today's case, coldest just before a February dawn. This morning we had "freezing fog" which is something I'd never heard of before this winter. But BOY HOWDY, does it make the trees pretty! Took the camera out to wait for the bus this morning.

1. Check out the tree in our frontyard, and those down the street.

2. The Weeping Willow in the Backyard.

3. Frosted Purple Conflower

4. Frosted Spirea

5. Freezing Fog covered the branch to the tip, spontaneous snowflakes. How Awesome!

Even when the weather is "crappy", God does such an Awesomely Amazing job decorating.


amypfan said...

Wish I'd had the time to take some pictures this morning as we rushed out the door to MOPS- it sure was gorgeous out!

Carla S said...

It does look pretty. Texas actually got snow, but we were about 45 miles too far south to see it. I'm glad Ian got his share when we were home for Christmas.