Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beasty Blessings


Like this face? Pretty much sums up the day.

It's been a rough day. But a friend reminded me that even that there are people out there Constantly Praying for a rough day like mine.
I'm sleep deprived, but I am sleep deprived in my nice warm bed, with a quite effective roof over my head in my nice warm house. And I can have coffee whenever I want to keep me awake (and do so) because my pantry is Full. It was cold outside today, but it was a balmy 30, and some don't have a nice heated car, or any car to crawl into when we're done at the playground (or don't even get to play at a playground). My son threw rocks in a friend's face which put a quick ending to our playground time...some don't have as forgiving friends like we do. I'm pretty grateful for mine (and Chris's)! My children have been in rare form today (although lately it hasn't seemed so rare) both being rather beastly, naptime for each only coincided for 20 minutes because they were alternatively calling out. But I am very blessed to have such beastly children that crawl all over me screaming.
Towards the end of my evening, how Blessed I was to literally be laying on the floor with one crawling on me and one leaping into my arms, all of us wiggling, tickling, giggling and laughing. It was one of those Freeze Frame moments, that I would want to remember when I'm old. It's easier to forget the laundry list of icky things that happen when you have one of those blindingly happy moments. That moment probably only lasted about 2 seconds, but that 2 seconds was the best part of my day, and reminds me what its all about. I prayed for my boys, and God has richly blessed me with them.
And BOY am I Thankful that He is with me when the times get rough.


Carrie said...

I am having "one of those days" today.. the pregnancy is kicking my butt and Brett is wanting to run everywhere and I can't keep up. This was a good post for me to read to keep my perspective :)

amypfan said...

I need to remind myself of that with Shay's Terrible Two-ness as well. Thanks!