Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yogurt Melts


We tried a little something new today.

Gerber's Peach Yogurt Melts.
Peachy. Yogurty. Melty. Warm. Warm yogurt is just weird. To me, that is.

Even Chris tried them. Tried them and LIKED Them. A lot. He ate 1/4 of the bag, cleaned his plate from lunch for more.

Of course, Sam the Snack King loved them most of all. He was smack talking, screeching, and flapping his little 'more' hand if I didn't keep a steady stream of them going.

What a great relief to find a snack that Both my boys like, even if it weirds me out.


Carla S said...

My boys both LOVE those! We still keep them around even though we have "outgrown" them!

Andrea said...

These weren't around when Hannah was a baby, but Hailey ADORES them.