Thursday, February 4, 2010


Sam is a Pip! He got stuck under the rocker this morning, he was just griping, nothing I hadn't heard before. I turned and looked and saw his leg, looking like it was broken under the rocker and him looking at me with this look of Frustration. It took me a second to realize his leg wasn't in the jammies. It was up under his chest, the leg of the jammies had caught on the rocker, and he had crawled around the back so it was being bent in multiple directions. I ran for the camera, and when I returned, he sunk his head down in degeneration. Such is our day. Oh the life, the trauma. He overreacts. He's going to be our Drama King. But boy it seems like lately it's been one thing after another and it just builds, and Sam isn't the only one around here that just wants to hand our heads in surrendure. But all of us got pretty lucky tonite, the boys got to hang out and play with Daddy, watching TV and getting tickled, and Mommy got to go to Applebee's with girlfriends for a Much Needed Mom's Night Out.


Carla S said...

I must laugh as this is a scene from our everyday lives here in the crazy Schuyler house. 2nd boys most certainly have a future in theater don't ya think? Have you ever heard so much fussing and protesting from someone so small over something so minor! MELODRAMA for the MAMA (and anyone else who will pay attention for that matter.) It's such a hard life being a baby! LOL