Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sweeter Skies


What do you see?

It's a random squash, right?
Well, not exactly.  This is a squash my cousin brought me, when she dog sat for us a couple weeks before she died.  I didn't know what to do with it then.  I hadn't thrown it away, because I guessed that Eric would have pulled it out and made some magic with it.  But there was no time.  It's been a whacky month.  And then we lost Suzy.  And then we came home, and I was cleaning up from the carnage of travel and I came across this squash on the island.  I can't throw it away.  My Suz gave it to me.  It was the last thing she gave me.  I don't have any idea what I'm going to do with a random squash.  Eric thinks maybe just let it dry out, and become a gourd, that we can just keep on display.  Maybe.   But who else looks at a random squash and wants to cry?  Or hug a squash? Seriously, I have to stop getting teary about a squash.  

I don't get teary about everything.  At least I'm not getting teary about the flowers that we got from Grandpa's funeral dying.  He had some really beautiful bouquets.  And the boys took samples that they wanted to keep.  We got a couple yellow lilies, and some blue and white carnations, that made a really pretty bouquet for the kitchen.  

I took this picture as my picture of the day, because I was bound and determined to Go Nowhere on Saturday and Do Nothing.   I was "mad and sad, and thinking about things that I never had".  And being so sad and blah, I didn't want to do anything.  But there was so much to be done.  At least, I was able to not leave the house.  It was a kind of blah sort of day, and it looked like it wanted to rain all afternoon.  But it didn't hit until Right when Eric was pulling the Sahlen's hot dogs off the grill.  If you have to make a horrible trip to NY, at least we can bring back hot dogs and lingonberry, and make something yummy out of it.   Then it Poured!  After dinner, I noticed the neighborhood turned pink. 

And I went outside.  

Yes, I actually left the house, but only to walk around out front and back, to see the crazy colors in the sky.  I was thinking there should be a rainbow.  I love rainbows.  It's like God is saying Hi.  But I also have a theory.  My running theory on rainbows, if the weather is Just Right for a rainbow, and I can't see one, it's because it's right over my head.  Because I am certainly Blessed with more than a pot of gold.  And God tells me that too.  

This was the view out the back door.  
The sky was peach, pink and purple.  This is totally unadulterated.

And the view from the front porch. 
Even the street looks pink. 

As the sun sets. 
The view from our driveway right down the street.  I kind of love the way the trees are growing and merging.  I know the squirrels love it too, because they hop from one to the other all the time.  But I can't see the sun anymore, just the glow.  The glow is gorgeous though.

This was the best one of all.  This is the Queen Elizabeth rose that Eric got me for anniversary this past year.   Just beautiful.  And with the slight splash of raindrops, it was gorgeous, and so was the evening,  and it took away some of the sting of the week.