Saturday, August 30, 2014

Vicious Pit Face


Some people think that a Pit Bull mix breed dog is Vicious.
I say to them  HA!
It's all about the owner.   Our Princess was not treated well before we got her.  And she would have had every reason to be vicious.  But she's not.  She's just a lover.  She knows she's lucky to be here, and are lucky to have her.  She has had it pretty cushy since moving in with us.  Even more so when my cousin Suzy used to dog sit for her.  I hear rumors that Suzy liked to take her to Arby's for sandwiches.  Uh huh.  That explains why she thought she could just run out and get in the car with us wherever we went after we returned.  She got a little spoiled.  But she deserves a little spoilage.  She is a Good Dog.  She puts up with a lot.

She puts up with small boys trying to ride her like she was a pony.  And all she does is look at us like Help Mama.   But she has yet to snip or snap anywhere near Jacob.  And he hits her, and chases her, and can be loud enough to scare her.  But she's not vicious with him at all.  If she doesn't like how she's being treated, she gets up and walks away. She knows he's just a baby, and she'll be so good to him.  She'll curl up on the couch next to the bigger boys too.  She is so good with the kids.  

She may claw and chew doors, pee on couches, and eat croc shoes, but she is So Good with the kids.   She's my good girl.