Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To the Airport


I sent my sister and nieces back to Texas.  On one hand, I'm really happy for them.  No really!  But on the other, I'm very sad.  I'm gonna miss those little twinkies.

Jacob helped me take the girls to the airport.  
We had to drop off their rental car, and I picked them up there, and threw them in the car while Li moved her stuff over from Car A to Car B. And then we had to circle the parking lot, so we could go upstairs and actually park the car, and unload everything we'd just loaded.  Oy. Well, at least the kids are cute. 

Then we went to Qdoba for lunch.  
Gotta get some sustinence!

Lisa had to drop the car off 3 hours before her flight left, so we had some time to kill.  
The girls and i took a little walk to check out the planes.  They had a lot of energy, I wanted to spend some of it, so it wasn't all pent up on a plane with my seestor.   I don't know if it worked, they definitely have more energy than I do! 

My girls.  
They escorted Jake and I back to our car, and we said our goodbyes again.  
Dang, I'm gonna miss them.