Thursday, August 28, 2014

Made Over...Again


My friend Kristen came over again on Sunday and we had a Mary Kay Party!

Mom, my sister in law Erica, my friends Angela and Jamie all came out.  

And it was so nice.  I made some lavender lemonade, since I didn't think we'd want to snack much or anything, and we chatted, and we got to get girly.  I really am loving getting all dolled up and feeling pretty. I feel like I haven't taken any time to develop myself or take care of myself until recently.  And if I don't take care of myself, even just a little bit, how am I going to take care of others.  I want my boys brought up to want to take care of themselves AND others too.  So it's a fine line to walk.   

But we had a great visit.  All are Moms and we bonded over that, understandably so, because we generally don't take the time to pamper ourselves.  We did Satin  Hands, and I left out a few Essential Oils to try on with the scent free lotion if they wanted.   I tried the Bergamot, and I'm really finding I just love it's limey light floral scent, not super citrusy, but just enough.  And it was good to get girly.
Afterwards, Eric and I had schemed to run away for a Girl's Night Out.  We were all made up, and we weren't going to have Nowhere to go, so were going to go.  We invited the other gals, but Mom W was the only one to take us up on it.   Frankly, to be without children, I didn't care what we did.  Eric had taken the boys over to Ryan's to go for a swim.  And Karl had taken Cole over to play with Grandpa, while Mom and Erica came to my house to play.  Eric called just as our party was ending, and I decided to send him over to his Dad's to have a Boys Night Out and all of them could eat dinner together, while we had dinner together.  They went to BDubs.  It took us quite a while to decide.  But when Mom said, well, we could go for Sushi.  We jumped on that!  So we three girls went out to Hirosaki and got drinkies and sushi, we each picked 2 rolls, and shared them.   But I felt so fancy, having sushi and drinkies with the girls, just like times before kids. 

When we met back at Mom and Dad's house, the boys were all exhausted, so was I. Everyone had a wonderful time.  And we'd needed some joy.  It was so refreshing to have a Girls Night In and Out.   I may need to do that more often!