Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Almost Birthday


My father in law turns 65 at the end of September.  And my mother in law isn't going to be around.  She's going to Florida for a month.  So she decided to have a birthday party for him early.  And that was after church today.   I was happy to see that there were a good few dozen family members and friends that made the trip out for Dad.

It was a good showing.  Though Dad's not one for presents, or cake, or all the schmultz, it was just what he wanted.  Fam, sitting around, snacking, talking, and enjoying the cuteness.  I wanted to make him a cake or something, but I didn't have time.  He told me he like Sugar Cream Pie.  So I went to go buy one.  But it turns out, a. there's a 'season' for sugar cream pies in Indiana, and the end of August ain't it.  b. But you can buy frozen sugar cream pies.  Although I didn't realize this until after the third store, so Dad got a frozen pie, and no candle in it to blow out.  Well, it will just fall to us to spoil him a bit come the end of September.  I mean, come on, what is turning 65 if not a reason to have two birthday celebrations!

But anyway, we got to enjoy Quality Time with the cuteness and the fam.

Our nephew Cole, who is 8 months old.  And such a sweetie.  He loved chewing on my necklace and bracelet. And I was totally ok with that.  He's teething, so if a nice beaded bracelet gives him some relief, I'm good.   

And my boys were pretty sweet playing with each other too. 

Sam and Jake are learning to play well together.  
Both Chris and Sam are becoming really great big brothers.  

Chris and Jake almost play 'Don't sit on the mountain'.  

The Chambers "kids".  Mom, Uncle Bill, and Aunt Teri. 
I was able to snap a pic of them together before UB hit the road.  

Then we went to Mom and Dad's to watch the latest episode of Outlander. 
And we sucked Erica into it too.  I hope she enjoyed it as much as we did.  
After Outlander, Dad wanted to do dinner together.  
So we all packed up and walked back to our cars.

Sam walked with his Godparents, Erica and Karl.  

And the rest of my boys walked with Daddy.  
We were a crazy crew.  We'd gone to chuch in the morning, and just never come home.  

Dad chose Bagger Dave's.  
I like their food.  And turns out so does Jacob.  He liked the sweet potato chips.  So much so, that he ended up flipping the bag over.  And his look of puzzled disappointment after flipping the bag of chips was really humorous to us.  Yeah Babe, you made a big mess.  That's ok, we all do.