Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 and older


When we moved to this house, my girlfriend gave me a bunkbed to use, well, so Chris could.  When we moved in, Sam kept trying to climb up there.  He was only 2 and not nearly steady enough for me to feel comfortable with him going up and down a metal ladder.  So we instituted a rule, you Have to be 5 to get up on the bunkbed.  It's funny how many people remember that is the Rule.  I have one friend whose daughter told her the day after she turned 5 that she needed to come to our house so she could go up the bunkbed, they'd only ever been here once.

Before we were going to leave on our trip to NY for Suzy's funeral, we had to find a dogsitter.  Suzy was our go-to dogsitter.  She loved watching Princess, and would spoil her rotten.  So this was an extra bittersweet task.  My friend Amy volunteered for the job.  She misses having a dog.  She offered to come out and have a playdate and then take a dog to go.    I said Sure, how about coming over for dinner, after I took Eric to the airport.  Our friend Kathleen turned out to have a girl scout thing in the area that she was going to drop Em off at and wondered if she could come by and say hi, so the next thing I know, I'm hosting a mad playdate with 3 adults and 9 kids.  Even though I thought I was not in the mood to be around people that didn't know Suzy, it was good to be with friends.  Ironically, Kathleen had just met Suz at Annie's birthday party a couple weeks ago.   A little crazy to do a big playdate while also trying to prepare for a road trip, but once again God knew best.

Because it was hysterical.  Apparently, this was the first time the twins had been over since they turned 5. They Remembered that they were finally allowed to go up on the bunkbed.  So we put all the kids that were 5 and older up on top and I took their picture.  Hard to believe we have that many kids 5 and older.  Well, minus our little girl scout Emily.  Still, that's a lot of cuteness on one bed. 

As you can imagine, I was not up for cooking.  
So I simply ordered pizza for all our crazy.  
Turns out Rock Star makes a Rockin' Awesome gluten free crust, which has a slightly ricey flavor, but a wonderful crunch.  We got it with sausage, since Amy can no longer eat much that is fun, and turns that gluten-free sausage pizza was better than regular.  Now I don't know if it's as good as their Caribbean, but that may be an experiment for later.  

And meanwhile the kids played and grownups chatted.  
And life continues.  
And life is good.  And being with friends is good.
And playing Superheroes with baby brothers is Very Good.