Thursday, August 14, 2014

A date, in the middle of the day


The hubs and I had a lunch date today.  At the State Fair.  Just he and I...and Jake.  But Jake is easy, he is like a portable loaf of bread that occasionally makes noise.   So it was mostly a date.  In the middle of the day.  With deep fried foods.  And foods on sticks.  I love fair food.

I feel crappy, the world continues to spin, even though my cousin is gone.  I've gone from Disbelief, to profound Sadness.  Honestly, I don't feel like spending time with anyone that didn't know Suzy.  I don't want to talk to anyone that didn't know her, or care about her.  And it looks like there is going to be a Road Trip to NY in our near future and we needed to discuss some things without the yahoos around.  I was hoping to take the boys to the State Fair while Eric was gone to California for his cousin's wedding this coming weekend, but with an impending trip, we won't be using the tickets.  Eric's company gave us 4 tickets for our family to get into the fair, and the first time we went, 5 and under were free, that's Sam and Jake, and then Chris got a free ticket for singing with ICC, so we only used two of them.  We had 2 left.  That could have gotten Chris and I in, with Sam and Jake being free on the weekend, BUT instead Eric and I decided to use them up and go to lunch at the fair.

Honestly, we ate lunch at the State Fair.  And it was So Yummy.  Yes, Good Food is therapeutic to me, and frankly, I don't care whether or not that is 'healthy'. Everyone deals with stress differently, I eat.  It was good for Eric and I to have a small date in the middle of the day, to eat and talk, and eat good food.  And at the Indiana State Fair, that's easy to do.

I had some Pork BBQ and fries with beer cheese.  And Jacob wanted to help me.  
And somehow we'd managed to not get a lemon shakeup our first time to the Fair, so we took care of that problem.  

Eric tried these "Cheeseburger basket on a stick"  They were ground beef, cheese, potatoes with some flava, all rolled into a nifty little ball of goodness. Another big hit of the year, and we could see why.   

My friend Nicki called me to sing the chorus to me of  'You Make Beautiful Things' and cheer me up on my way to pick up Eric.  It worked. 

Well, it made me cry, then I had to smile.  She gave me no choice.  I had to let her go, but she told me to go have a deep fried peanut butter cup for her.  So I did.  It was therapeutic.  They were so hot though, I took them for the road.  But they didn't survive the trip home. ;)

The day surprisingly was full of Beautiful Things.