Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mr. Big Stuff


I have a friend who helps me out.  She comes and cleans our home every couple of weeks.  We never intended to keep having help after I was pregnant, or while I was sick, but really, she's become a member of the family.  She loves my kids and even my dog.  She spoils us with her love.   and smoochies.  When she's not in a rush, we can get in danger of yapping too much.  She came over on Wednesday and we got to yapping.   Jacob came over and brought me his crocs.  He does that now.  It's his new trick.   Well, the first time he did so, I put them on him and took him outside.  It was 90 degrees, but he Clearly wanted to go outside, so I rewarded him for bringing me my shoes.  While I was talking to S, I didn't want to go outside.  I gave them back to him and told him to put them away.  He did, and I was so distracted yucking it up with S, I didn't notice him come back. Suddenly, S looks up at him, and starts yelling, He Put His Shoes on HIMSELF!  

And Oh my word, he surely did! 

So, I had to get my own shoes on and take him outside.  Not only was I tremendously proud of him, but he was rather proud of himself.  

So we all piled outside.  
And Mr. Big Stuff decided to let himself out the front door.  He didn't want me holding his hand to do it, or carrying him.  Oh now, suddenly he's big boy!

His brothers weren't home from school yet.  
So he had the whole porch, and all the sticks on it to himself.  
So, as soon as he got outside, he took off playing on the porch. 

Mr. Big Stuff is pretty proud of himself.  
He walks tall, AND carries a big stick. 

He walked to the edge of the porch, so I zipped down there to stay close to him. I thought I might try taking a picture or two of the hostas in bloom on the north side of the house.  Then I saw this. 
The biggest bumblebee I've ever seen!  
This thing was really scary.  

But I was able to get a nifty shot or two of the hostas.  
Then I got too scared of that bee, and we went inside.  Still, I got a big kick out of my sweet baby as Mr. Big Stuff, putting on his own shoes and taking on the bumbles.