Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Gentle Baby


Someone stole my book!  

I got this book about oils and kids, and it gives me all kinds of great ideas and ways to use my essential oils on pregnant women, childbirth, infants, and young children.  I actually went out and bought a vial of the YLEO called Gentle Baby.  And it's funny, I put that on Jacob and we both smell scrumptious.  And both of us want to be asleep in minutes.  If you are oily and have kids, I Highly, HIGHLY recommend this book. 

And apparently, so does Jacob.

It's good that we get some days to just be home sometimes.  Yesterday was like that.  
We don't get days like that very often.  But now that the big boys are in school, things are calming down. And while I try to get caught up on things, Jacob is enjoying this chance to get curious around the house and play with me.   

Here's a video of Jacob playing Peek-a-pooka.  

If you aren't smiling after hearing that laugh, there may be something wrong with you.