Saturday, August 30, 2014



I have been very Grateful to my friends that get in touch with me, and force me to get off my bum.  
Last year, we formed a group, BAM!, Butler Alumni Moms.  Well, at least, that's kind of what we say.  But we fell a bit off the wagon in meeting regularly last winter/spring.  When Jill wrote, to get us in gear and resume, her timing couldn't have come at a better time.  I've missed these ladies.  And now our friend Amy is back in town too, she joined the group.  Kat missed out for a small child with an illness, she was kind enough to keep the cooties to themselves.  But it was such a different dynamic now that Jacob and Josie are on the move together.   They almost are kind of playing together, or at least watching each other warily.  But they warmed up to each other.  Jacob had fun playing toys, throwing things and yelling Doh!  And then when she brought out the slide, he slowly tried climbing it.  Of course, once he got to the top, he couldn't really do much once he got there.  And he'd gripe, and demand to be rescued.  They were all rather entertaining.  It will be good to resume our group again.  

It exhausted Jacob.  I let him have the phone all the way home, so that we could get a good nap.  That worked out.  

After naps, and just before the big boys got home from school, my friend Kristen brought over our Mary Kay goodies.  How nifty that she had the stash at her home already! I was always terrible about keeping a stash.  She also was having a cupcake problem.  The problem was... that she had some.  So she brought some over to me, and there were enough for the boys.  And when they got home and saw cupcakes with their favorite colors, (There was a green one, perfect for Sam, and one with blue, perfect for Chris) It made their day!

Sugared and colored up!  
Some boys were happy with cupcakes.  
And BAM!  I could tell Exactly when the sugar kicked in, they went a little crazy.  
But they sure can be awfully cute and kind of sweet when hyped up on sugar.  I just have to watch out for the crash.

Someone had so much cupcake and icing that his lips and teeth were turning blue!

Can you tell Green is Sam's favorite color?

Oh ho!  Jacob wants some cupcakes too!  
He only got pinches of cake, I kept the icing minimal to non-existent for him.  
Still cake made him happy.

It made me happy too, to be with friends.  All that time with family last week was good, but I'm pretty darn Blessed with some Good Friends too.