Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Scout Super Soaker


It's taken us a while to get back in the groove after being gone a week.  But this week we found our groove.  We were even doing so well as to kick it up a notch.   Now that we've been home a few days and found our groove, and feeling the joy of a three day weekend, we could begin to resume normal type activities.

And one thing that Christopher requested at the beginning of summer was to become a Cub Scout.
So we attended one activity, and he had such a great time, we signed him up.  There were a couple random things that they did over the summer, but we weren't available to participate in any of them.  Then yesterday we were.  They had the Scout Super Soaker, also known as a Playdate at the Ellis Park pool.  It was from 7-9 or something.  It was also only 75 degrees outside.  So it had been in the 90s all week, but then it got cool.  But that didn't stop the boys from wanting to go swimming.

On the drive to Danville, Chris was unsure what to expect at the place we were going swimming.  He asked, is it like a Water Park, or like a Body of Water (pool).  I didn't know.  As we pull up, and he sees sprinkler things, and a pool, and waterslides, "Mommy, It's BOTH!  It's a Water Park AND a Body of Water!"  Oh man, he was stoked.  And Sam, Sam was Thrilled just to be able to participate too. 

The pool had a semi-lazy river, that you could just kind of walk through with a small current, then there were a couple tiny whirlpools off the side of the lazy river.  The kids loved popping into them.  And Sam rode turtle back.  We met friends there, and we had a great time.  

Even though it was Cold.  That didn't really stop the kids from playing until they were blue.  


The boys wanted to come out, then they didn't, then they did, and then they didn't.  
They were so cold.  They didn't want to end the fun. 

I took Jake out, and warmed up a bit. He was my bitty buschka snuggle bug.  Daddy eventually got tired of the rigamerole and they got out.  Then they lost their minds after they were dressed because they'd had such fun they wanted to go back in.  It really was fun.  I have high hopes for this organization.  They seem really neat, and well organized.  We've only just begun and Chris is having a wonderful time.  

Hope you all like Boy Scout Popcorn, because Chris will be selling it in the fall!