Sunday, August 10, 2014



You know how crazy young kids can make you?  All the time.  But then I have a day wherein no matter how much crazy my boys bring, I will smile, because I am Blessed by all that Crazy.

Friday, that epiphany came from my friend Katie.  We have been friends since High School.  I was super shy back then, and though we weren't terribly close, we have bonded on fb again.  Love how Facebook brings folks back together.  Anyway, I digress, they live near DC and we hadn't been able to meet up since having kids.  She was in town and actually able to bring her little girl over to play.  Miss J is a Miracle Baby!  She has Williams Syndrome, and a seizure disorder, a gtube, a mickey button just like Chris did, but hers looked so much healthier than Chris's ever did.  And we bonded over the troubles we have had with those.  But I am passed those days.  And to put it lightly, the doctors don't have high hopes for J ever getting past these days.   I cried a lot with my friend, I can't imagine how she deals with the unknowns.  

Her daughter was simply amazing.  She likes to rock and roll, literally. :) Jacob and Princess weren't too sure what to do, or how to play with her, but we were flexible and ended up having a wonderful visit.  I got to hold her, this miracle baby, who I've been praying for for years, and we rocked, and she smiled at me, a beautiful little Mona Lisa type smile, and it made my day.  That one smile, from her pure, simple, innocence, made me feel so Blessed to be a witness.   I am so Blessed with my mostly healthy boys too.  

I was overwhelmed by these Blessings, my day feeling complete before it was half done.  

But we had agreed to have supper with my sister, she's moving next week, and we wanted a last hurrah with the kids.  We were scheming a little scheme. So we went to Red Robin because Christopher likes cheeseburgers as big as his head..,.then he ordered chicken fingers.  Well, Mommy likes cheeseburgers and chocolate malts too.  Turns out Jacob likes a good chocolate malt and french fries.  Maybe he is my kid.  :)  

The kids were desperate to play games.  All of them. 
Never mind none of them had any money, they didn't care. 
There were terribly amusing.  

The Red Robin crew took pity on them and gave all of them balloons.  On sticks! 
That made everyone's day. 
Even Jacob's! 

Jacob was so excited to have his own balloon.  

He was so excited he kept clobbering Eric over the head with it; it was hysterical. 

Until he clobbered it so hard, it disconnected from the stick, and went flying, deflating all the way.

I got this picture of his shock just as that happened.   We were all trying really hard not to laugh  hysterically.   It didn't work so well.  But then Jacob burst into hysterical tears, and we had to rescue his balloon and blow it back up.  Unfortunately, during all this, Sam popped his.  And Charlie, wonderful sweetheart that she is, gave Sam her balloon.  I nearly cried.  Then I did cry, because we had to say our Goodbyes in the Red Robin parking lot.  My sister is leaving again, and I'm sad about that, but at the same time, I'm happy for them, because they will get to be a family, in their own home again.  Boy howdy are we lucky to have all the wonderful crazy blessings that we do.