Saturday, August 30, 2014

This Face


Thursday was a rough day for me.  I had invited someone over to share my testimony about Essential Oils.  I got so frustrated.  This 'friend' spent half her visit cruising through fb on her phone, in my home, while I was talking.  When I got fed up enough enough that I just stopped talking and waited for her to finish, she looked up at me.  "Oh yeah, you don't text.  You're so lucky."  Excuse me!?!  I am just not so rude as to waste someone else's time by cruising on my phone in their presence.  I actually now have the capability to text.  I just don't.  When I am home, I have fb open, or my blog, and I keep online there, but when I am around others,  I'm not online.  I really thought I could help her, by sharing the gift that essential oils have become to me.  In sharing them, and working with some of my other family and friends, we've been able to use their healing to help each other.  But this person was not open to listening.  And that was really upsetting.  She wasn't just not listening to my oil story, that I can understand, some folks are just not into it, but not even listening to me at all.  What a waste of my time.  My time is just as valuable as yours, even if I don't hold a job outside the home, and if I choose to give you the gift of my time, you should at least have the decency to respect that, and leave the phone connection to other people at the door to spend time with me.  I've set aside time for them!  But you know, I get the impression some folks don't care about my time.  I don't get a whole lot of child free time, and if I choose to give it to someone, it is a very precious gift indeed, and frankly, if friends online is all they want, that's all they can be, I don't think I'll be spending a whole lot more in person time with them.  Like I said, it was a rough day for me.  

After she left though, I realized, I have someone with me, who does value my time.  Someone small and wonderful who wants to be with me all the time.  This person sometimes drive me nuts because he doesn't want to be out of my reach.  But he also has the most beautiful smile and laugh.  

This Face.

So, yes, Jacob values my time and my attention, he and my family deserve my focus, much more than the some hypothetical, hypocritical, online community.  And it frustrates me so, that I think I need to be trimming down my online lifestyle to focus on people in Real Life.