Sunday, August 10, 2014

Made over


My friend Kristen is a Mary Kay Representative.  She wrote me a couple weeks ago, asking if she could come give me a private consultation, and on Thursday, she came.  A couple whiles back I got some Extra Emollient Night Cream from her. That is the Best Stuff!  Way back in the day when I used to sell Mary Kay, in college, (hem hem nearly 20 years ago!) it was one of my favorite products.  She had a fb contest to ask for our favorite product, and I Won that product!   I love to slather that stuff on my feet.

Well.  Her asking to come over came at the perfect time, my old decent makeup had been stolen out of the car when it got smashed, and I guess I was going to have to bite the bullet and get some new makeup.  So I said Yes, and she came over and we talked products.  I shared my oils with her, and she shared a much more modern Mary Kay with me.  She made my day!  I hadn't felt that pampered in a long time.  It genuinely felt good to spend some time on myself, time to get pretty.  Jacob ran around with her little ones, and they played, and so did we. ;)

I did the Satin Hands.  Back in the day this was one of my favorite regimens, and I still have a set I bought from one of E's cousins only a decade or so ago.  Things have changed a little in Mary Kay since my day.  They had scent free Satin Hands, so I put some of my lavender essential oil on with it, and I smelled Fabulous.  Unlike a lot of people, I don't get sleepy with lavender, I get refreshed.  So I loved it.   I got a mini-microderm abrasion, and an entire facial, and my face still felt fabulous even the next day!  I loved her products and she loved mine, and together we are scheming that our products could go Very Well together!

Anyway, I took this picture later in the afternoon, as I was on my way to Therapy and Book Club.  My therapist said I looked great.  It wasn't just that I looked good, I Felt Good. I put on makeup for the first time in weeks or months, however long; I don't think I'd put eyeliner on since I had Christopher!  I did look nice, but I FELT GOOD.  And frankly, that Felt even better.  I felt good because I was taking some pride in my appearance.  It was remarkably freeing to take some pride in myself.  Funny, how just a bit of makeup and cleansing my face made me feel that good about myself.  I guess I haven't realized how low I've been feeling.    I thank my friend for helping me literally drag myself out of the dump and wash myself off.  She was such a Gift!  And as I was leaving the house, Eric had just enough time as I left to go one way, and he left to go another, to give me that raised eyebrow look, you know the one, the one that says I look Good without him actually having to say a word.  That felt really good too. ;) Though I didn't need his approval, I was feeling pretty long before he even got home.  But it felt surprisingly nice to get pretty.  For Therapy?  For Book Club? No, I did not get dolled up for some night on the town, just for me.  Honestly, I've been so stressed and unhealthy for so long, I finally am coming out of the dark, seeing things that I've learned over the last two years, things about myself, and what I want and need.   Well, apparently, I want to be able to get made up on a Thursday and go out with the girls.  It was good for my mental health. 

So I have been waltzing around singing "I feel Pretty..." for days. :)