Thursday, August 28, 2014

Being Home a day


Well, it's been a few days since I got the chance to blog, but more stuff happens in the afternoon when Jake sleeps and I can't.  When last I left off blogging, we had all powered back from New York in one long day.  The next morning, Wednesday, we all slept in until like 9.  I didn't even hear the buses go by.  I had worried the boys would be upset by missing school.  But they were exhausted.  

The one thing I wanted to go do was go get my dog.  She had not been behaving for my friend Amy, and Amy couldn't handle any more.  Princess had destroyed doors, and been escaping from her crate.   Amy was kind, and was calling her the 'Dog of Many Adventures', but really, she needed to come home.  Plus, since we were all home, and no one would be waiting for a bus or needing to be home by a certain time, we opted to go out to Amy's place to get our little dog.

We arrived after lunch, and while Eric assessed the damage, Amy and I caught up.

We got to surprise the big girls when they got home from their day at school.  The kids were happy to run off and play together.  I think the boys got lost in Legos and Superfriends, in general, a good day for them.

Sam, age 5 1/2 is the same size as Liam, who is an entire year younger.  
But they are really good buddies, and Liam took Sam out to show him around, and explain the rules... like don't go anywhere near the water! 

Jacob was a nut.  He was trying to get his brothers shoes on.  He ended up throwing his own shoe into their toilet.  Eww.  Well, we wanted to wash those shoes some time anyway, I guess. 

Instead of napping, we headed home, and there was no nap time.  But we gave a call to Eric's family, to check in and get the scoop about the funeral and stuff.  They invited us over for the evening, to watch Outlander.  Mom, Dad, E and I are all sucked right in to this new series. We get the added bonus of quality fam time every time we go over there to watch an episode too! 

When we pulled up to their house, some wheat grass like plant was glowing in the breeze, it was really beautiful against the blue sky.  

The sky was beautiful. 

In an epically sucky week, it was kind of God to send us a little beauty.