Tuesday, February 18, 2014



This was my view this morning as I put Chris on the bus...gorgeous! 
Blue sky, frosty trees.  The tips were ice covered again, just a smidge.  Jake wasn't going to let me go get the zoom lens to find out how much though.  So this one was just a simple shot, unfooled around with. And yet, since it had snowed a bit on top of the ice, it wasn't too icy outside.  The trees just had the slightest shimmer.
The best part of all, the temperature was rising, so the ice was melting. :) 

This was the ice on the back stoop railing. 

The sparkle on the trees in the backyard.  Not for long....

We had to run around town, go to Riley today for Sam.  But by the time we got back it was Warm outside. 
I hadn't seen over 50 degrees in I can't remember how long.  I was roasting in my jacket at lunch, and now I knew why!  No more coats for us, it was warm and spring-like outside.  The snow is still on the ground of course, I could see some brown grass out in the fields, a rather nice springy site.  Someone mentioned we're due to get another storm on Thursday...oh no, more snow!  What a tragedy....no a Rainstorm.  Tornados even.  Really!?  Okie dokie!  I'll take a nice healthy spring storm!  We've had way too many winter ones. 

On the way home, I had the windows cracked, because Sam and I were toasty, and that fresh air, even if it was a bit chilly, just felt so good!  

Funny that the sun was still sun dogging out, even when it's 50 degrees. 

I loved this picture I shot out the car window.  My fav unedited.